About Kaii Rhapon Beauty

Kaii Rhapon Beauty adalah brand produk kecantikan

Kai Rhapon Beauty Journey..
Starting from grinding oats for personal use with a simple blender in the citynol
Denpasar, Bali during the 2020 Covid Pandemic.
In 2021 we started to develop our business by making BPM facial serum by
means of tolling to one of the major tolling companies in the city of Bogor. We
call this serum “natural skin enhancement semm” and we also continue to sell
organic scrubs with several variants,
July 10, 2022 we built our first factory in the owner’s hometown in Garut,
currentlv the construction of an organic scrub factory is in the process. So far
the products we have produced are: natural skin enhancement serum, organic
scrub in 3 different variants, women’s perfume, men’s perfume, and eyelashes.
Currently our business has a legal entity with the name CV. KAII INTAN BERKAH PESONA

want to give the meaning that beautiful skin
requires good and natural care, beautiful skin
is skin that is youthful and lasts a long time

all woman and men should love their skin

because the true skin is identity. as our company motto.